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Holidays in Marling
Sightseeing in Meran and South Tyrol

Alpine-Mediterranean idyll above the spa town of Meran

The village of Marling is located on a sunny hill on the West side of the spa town of Meran. With its privileged location close to Meran, Marling combines the amenities of the city with the quietness of the countryside. It offers outstanding panoramic views, a well-defined network of hiking trails and different excellent inns and refined restaurants.

Wine is also part of everyday life in Marling. There are signs of this everywhere, including the large Merano cooperative winery, numerous private vineyards, and the Wine Culture Trail, all of which help to make the culture of wine tangible in Marling. Thanks to its accessible location, Marling is the perfect starting point for different sightseeing tours in the region.


Therme Merano

A visit to Therme Merano is a journey into a real wellness oasis. Relax in the 50,000 m² park, unwind in the terrace cafe or enjoy sauna, spa and fitness in the wellbeing worlds. Of course, all treatments given in the spa area use local natural products from South Tyrol and you will be astounded by the designer architecture.

If you do not plan in at least one visit to Therme Merano during your holiday in South Tyrol you will miss out on one of the region’s definitive highlights. So make your way to Therme Merano; it is centrally located on the southern side of the river Passer and is open 365 days in the year!


The botanic gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are irrefutably some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. More than 12 hectares accommodate 80 landscaped gardens, which are split into four garden worlds: The Sun Gardens, Forests of the World, Water and Terraced Gardens and Landscapes of South Tyrol.

But don’t forget to pay a visit to the wonderfully restored castle with its permanent exhibition on the history of Tyrolean and South Tyrolean tourism. A multimedia exhibition in the “Touriseum” vividly presents the development of tourism in this Alpine region.


What is probably the most creative maze in South Tyrol covers an area of 1.7 ha and is part of the well-known vineyard and restaurant Kränzelhof in Cermes. Surrounded by idyllic countryside, mystical sculptures and works of art by local and international artists accompany you on your way through the labyrinth.

Here you will discover an entirely new way of accessing art and nature – it’s perfect for families, nature lovers and culture vultures. During the summer, various meditation courses are held in the garden so as to enable visitors to feel more as one with their surroundings.


Built in the year 1250 at the gateway to Val Senales this majestic castle, owned by the endurance mountaineer Reinhold Messner, is now a vineyard, an organic farm, a wine restaurant and a museum. The Messner Mountain Museum Juval is one of five museums belonging to a comprehensive project exploring the relationship between people and mountains. Juval Castle displays everything surrounding the “Myth of the Mountain” by means of various art collections. These include Messner’s mask collection from five continents, a gallery spanning several floors with images from holy mountains, a Tibetan collection, a Tantra room and the expedition cellar.


Bolzano is the metropolis of the Dolomites and now also the home of the most famous South Tyrolean. No not Reinhold Messner! This is where Ötzi the Iceman has found his final resting place. If you are on holiday in South Tyrol you must take a trip to Bolzano to meet Özti in person.

The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano also provides insights into the history and past of South Tyrol. Numerous exhibits from the Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic periods are on display here. However, Ötzi the Iceman will always be the true star of the show.


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